Synergy® Pool Care System Pittsburgh & Washington


Synergy® is a unique technology for any pool using automatic or floating feeders. Synergy makes pool care simple by reducing the number of products needed to maintain your pool and requiring less time for regular maintenance.

Simply put…….Pool Care in a Box! Each Synergy box is a self-contained system that gives you the TWO products you need to add ONCE A WEEK to keep your pool beautifully clear, comfortable and free from algae growth.

  1. Add Synergy® Tabs to your feeder or floater to sanitize your pool water
  2. Add Synergy® Clear to oxidize for sparkling clear pool water and to remove organic contaminants. Add anytime time of day – no premixing necessary and swim 15 minutes later.

Set Your Pool Water Up for the Entire Season with Synergy® Initiator®

Synergy® Initiator® designed exclusively for use with the Synergy System is an innovative treatment that “turns on” the Synergy System to provide sparkling clear water and enhanced swimmer comfort. Synergy Initiator extends equipment life, will not be affected by the sunlight, does not evaporate, and is not altered by other pool chemicals. It typically requires application only once a year.

Synergy® Laminated Weekly Pool Care Calendar Free at Valley Pool & Spa

Valley Pool & Spa provides a free Synergy computerized water analysis for your pool water along with a free personalized laminated Sustain maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size pool along with specific Synergy spring start up instructions.

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