Sustain® Pool Care System Washington & Greensburg

Sustain Pool Care System

Sustain® Pool Care System for Simple Maintenance and Algae Free Pool Water – Guaranteed!

Sustain is designed to provide crystal clear blue swimming pool water with ease. Sustain will deliver chlorine more consistently than other pool care chlorine chemical systems which can sometimes result in too little or too much chlorine.

Two Simple Steps once a week

  1. Add Sustain 3/4-inch Energizer tablets to shock and makes sure that the Sustain Summer Shield is fully charged with chlorine.
  2. Add Sustain 3-Inch Blue chlorinating tablets to provide the sanitizing protection you need all week long for safe bacteria free pool water.

What is Sustain® Summer Shield Chlorine Extender?

Sustain® Summer Shield Chlorine Extender is the key to the Sustain pool chemical system that provides your pool with an extra level of protection against algae. It creates a back-up of chlorine fighting power that is released on-demand whenever routine sanitizing levels suddenly drop like after a rainstorm or pool party. One dose will typically last all summer.

Sustain® Summer Shield Chlorine Extender is added to your pool water at the beginning of the pool season and typically lasts up to 150 days. Sustain Summer Shield levels can be affected by dilution when adding new water to the pool after splash-out or backwashing so Valley Pool & Spa will help ensure that you maintain a proper Sustain Summer Shield level by offering our free computerized water analysis at our water lab every six weeks or as often as you would like.

Sustain® 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets

Sustain® 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets are the general sanitizing components of the system. Each tablet contains an erosion modifier that controls erosion across the exposed surface of the tablet. They will deliver chlorine evenly when used with their convenient skimmer dispenser cups.

Sustain® ¾-Inch Shield Energizer Tablets

Sustain® ¾-Inch Shield Energizer Tablets make the shocking the pool simple and quick. Use the measuring cup that comes with the tablets to fill your skimmer basket with the required amount of tablets for your pool size. Every time you use Energizer tablets, you replenish your Summer Shield reserve of chlorine protection.

Sustain Laminated Weekly Pool Care Calendar Free at Valley Pool & Spa

Valley Pool & Spa provides a free Sustain computerized water analysis for your pool water along with a free customized laminated Sustain maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size pool along with specific Sustain spring start up instructions.

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