Pool Equipment Service

Your Pittsburgh Pool Equipment Service & Repair


Pool Equipment Installation Service

Visit one of our five Pittsburgh locations where you can see all of the available aboveground and inground pool equipment on display. Talk to one of our trained experts to determine which one is best for you.  Whether you purchase a new filter, heater, salt generator, or any other piece of inground or aboveground pool equipment from Valley Pool & Spa or purchase online, let a trained Valley Pool & Spa professional install it for you.

Because each installation scenario is different, all necessary hoses, fittings and plumbing materials are stocked on our service van to complete your installation and get you swimming!

  •  Filtering System
  • Filter Tank
  • Pump
  • Chlorinator
  • Salt Generator
  • Heater
  • Heat Pump
  • Solar Heater
  • Solar Reel
  • Ladder or Step Unit
  • Hand Rails
  • Aboveground Skimmer
  • Safety Cover

Pool Equipment Repair & Service

No need to disconnect any of your equipment and take it to a service center to be repaired. A Valley Pool & Spa trained and certified pool service technician will come to you. Please fill out the service request form below for any of our five Pittsburgh locations for more information and to schedule your service call.

  • Aboveground Pool Liner Leak Detection
  • Inground Pool Liner Leak Detection
  • Inground Underground Plumbing Lines Leak Test
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Heater Repair
  • Filter Repair
  • Pump Repair
  • Change Filter Sand


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