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Hosting an Awesome Outdoor Bash- Hosting an awesome outdoor bash that everyone will talk about for months is on everyone’s “to do” list this month so we are here to help at Valley Pool & Spa! Be the backyard that invites friends, neighbors, and loved ones in with open arms and be the absolute best Read More

Pool testing kits can be important tools to make sure your water is clear of algae, bacteria and other contaminants. They can also help you prevent surface deposits and stains from developing. The problem is that testing the water can be somewhat of a hassle because you need to do it so often. Here are Read More

Cold weather is FINALLY behind us and Summer 2017 is in full view!  The weather is looking great as we enter May, and it’s perfect timing for our annual MAY EVENT! Now, we know the big draw for the MAY EVENT are the deals on the things you need for pool opening, BUT before we Read More

So I have been bombarded by my colleagues with numerous YouTube videos on pH experiments on bottled water from all of our favorite places. I love seeing so many people interested in the truth behind water chemistry for pools and spas. I decided to write this post about it since my employees and myself have Read More

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